We are committed to regularly getting audited. Taksh has a special bounty program for bug finding and vulnerability recognition.
You can find current audit report here: https://solidity.finance/audits/Taksh/​

Protocol Dependency Risk

As Taksh No- Loss Lottery platform uses a variety of other protocols. Hence the user needs to understand that these other integrated protocols can fail, thus disrupting the user’s experience and risking their digital assets.
To mitigate this risk, Taksh has taken care of and integrated protocols that are highly reputable and well secured, but cautioning about these failures, we feel, is our top priority.

Smart Contract Exploit Risk:

This is a risk that is partly concerning the Taksh no-loss lottery. The risk is that there could be some sort of bug or exploit in the smart contracts that run the Taksh Protocol. However, this can occur to any product or a smart contract; depending on the bug or exploit, a malicious character may be able to take some or all of the funds stored in the wallets as well as platforms.

Wallet Loss Risk:

While this risk is not associated directly with Taksh, its platform, or its smart contract, we, at Taksh, still wanted to transparently put it forward so that our users are aware of it. Using Taksh’s no-loss lottery platform requires users to use a wallet that supports the Takshs platform. If the user forgets his seed or password, they may permanently lose access to their wallets and not recover the funds. Hence it is advisable that the user should use a trustworthy wallet or at least one that has some kind of recovery mechanism.